The Multi-Functional & Unique

'Hoodie Hanger'

Hoodie Hanger

Hooded garments are a global trend and have been since their inception in the 1930's. Until now, there has yet to be an invention created that assists hooded garments to be properly showcased on a rack, hung in a closet, or that promotes a healthy after-care solution to air drying!

This revolutionary Hoodie Hanger product has a unique design that will make a global imprint on the world to solve all issues that arise with showcasing, drying and storing hooded garments...

Unorganized Closet Before Hoodie Hanger
Organized Closet After Hoodie Hanger

Packed Closet Before Hoodie Hanger
Roomy Closet After Hoodie Hanger

How It Works

The Hoodie Hanger caters to retailers, household consumers, and service industries. The Hoodie Hanger is a uniquely designed clothes hanger with a streamlined designed hood support system. The system allows the hood to hang in its proper upright position to help maximize rack and closet space, as well as assists as a proper air drying solution.

Maximize Rack Space

Hooded garments do not often organize well on a rack because the hoods themselves get in the way and limit the number of items you can store or display. The Hoodie Hangers’ hood support system keeps the hood in its proper upright position allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing way to showcase in-store inventory as well as maximize rack space availability. This allows for retailers and businesses in the service arena to professionally display and store more inventory on a rack.

Household Consumers:
A Drier Hoodie

A common problem with air drying hooded garments is the hood remains down and thus is restricting airflow to the inside of the hood which leads to remaining moisture and malodor. The hood support device on the Hoodie Hanger allows the hood to remain in its upright position allowing air to the inside of the hood so to ensure the garment dries perfectly and eliminates the possibility of mold and malodor.