Mission Statement

To supply the global market with a unique clothes hanging device specifically designed for hooded garments.

The Situation

Hooded garments are a popular clothing item in all corners of the world. The 'Hoodie Hanger' will cater to anyone and any store that carries hooded garments, whether be a jacket, heavy coat, sweater, sweatshirt, shirt, and even hats will benefit from this product. The hangers will come in different sizes, from small, medium, large and different materials, wood, plastic, fabric, wire and can be customized to each client's needs to suit all target markets. This unique hanger design will be the solution to hooded garment issues on all fronts.

At the end of the day, everyone wants their lives made easier and for a solution to a problem. The unique 'Hoodie Hanger' helps solve all issues that retailers, consumers and service industries have with hanging, storing and drying hooded garments. These hangers will be sold globally to all retailers and service industries who showcase, store, and sell hooded garments or hats; sold to each and every household consumer who owns a hooded garment and/or hang dries these garments; and, the services sector too, such as cruise ships, hotels, dry-cleaners, coat check and more. There is a massive demand for this product and the only place it exists, is here.

Product Description

The Hoodie Hanger is a clothes hanging device that consist of a vertical support member, a garment support member and a hood support system.The vertical support member is a hook that is attached to the top of the Hoodie Hanger that allows the device to hang from a rack or hook. The garment support member is a horizontal section of the hanger that is designed to hold the bulk of the hooded garment. The hood support system allows the hood of a hooded garment to be hung in such a way that it sits upward and away from the garment support member.


The developers of Hoodie Hanger are offering to license the manufacturing and distribution rights to qualified organizations. These organizations should be capable of producing the product and/or accessing the appropriate markets with the product.

Intellectual Property Protection

The Halo Hanger is Patent Approved in the United States and Canada.

Contact Information

Attn: Laura R. Fox
Phone: 778-998-3113
Email: sales@halohangers.com

Next Step

Organizations who may be interested in becoming involved in the further development of The Hoodie Hanger can submit a 'Investor Interest' to the Licensing Agent.